5 Preparations You Should Make Before Using LIC Online Payment

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The significance of online payment mode especially among LIC policyholders stands out as a complimentary facility over LIC secured schemes. With the induction of LIC online payment, a new layer of relief spread among LIC policyholders which they enjoy greatly. The sense of relief their get with varied payment gateways describe their battle through conventional payment mode and also states their struggle whether it is standing in LIC payment queue in branch or waiting for agents so that he deposit the payment on policyholder behalf. But today the time change and the way of LIC payment mode turn to the modern trend. Everything is online today and the dependence of people also greatly tilted towards it convenience to make an instant payment.

But before you use LIC online payment there are few things you need to prepare in advance and keep it handy with you so that the payment process run smoother and hassle-free.

  •    To start with the preparation you need to make sure that your internet connectivity is running excellently without any interpretation because if in the mid of payment process net stop working then it would be a great mess. You have to start the process again which could irritate you.
  •    Keep the policy certificate (which you want to pay the premium) handy with you when you are going to make its online payment. This will help you save your productive time when you use e-wallets like phonepe, mobikwik, paytm like platform to pay the LIC online Payment premium. Also, you can use the official website of LIC this will also be a great option to consider.
  •    Don’t forget to check the premium amount of policy which falls due and then make the payment accordingly.
  •    If you choose credit card or debit card as your means of payment make sure you enter the right details of it otherwise the payment will not succeed and pop-up the notification of ‘payment failed’ to you.
  •    Don’t forget to check the receipt of the transaction; this will be served as an evidence of your successful payment. Also, the transaction receipt will be automatically sent to you via email or to your registered number.

These are the compulsory preparation you have to make anyhow in order to overcome any technical issues that might you encounter later if failed to make any of this preparation. So make these preparations in advance and avoid the time lag from payment to get the receipts of the successful transaction.

Online payment gateways truly made the process very simple and complication free for the policyholders. Now you can easily take a step to secure your life for one more period and continue with the same lifelong. Your security lies to LIC and LIC gives it’s every valuable policyholder a secured medium to lead the life stress-free and without getting involved in any complications. Get ready to experience the journey of LIC online payment which gives you a pleasurable moment to pay your premium on-time without making you defaulter to late payment.