Crackle review: how to watch free movies online

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The internet has made watching movies within the comfort of one’s home possible with only a computer or TV, an internet connection and a comfortable couch to slip in. Nowadays, innumerable sites have come up offering its viewers with their favorite movies. But what we have to do is make the right choice among these. The website streaming such movies should be legal to use and have no malware in them. These websites also offer movies apps in one’s mobile so that one can view one’s favorite movie even when outdoors. Crackle can be the best alternatives for The websites come with movies of all genres starting from classics to the newly released ones. If you are wondering which the perfect websites are for downloading to enjoy their facility of streaming videos, a complete list is given below:

However this list is prepared on basis of audience feedback with our own experience but still if you want best websites for streaming online. You can search on internet and can find numerous websites who are offering good content.


This website offers a big selection of films with extremely good video quality. It comes as a mobile app too and has many video player options. The website tops the list among those that are needed to watch free movies online. As it is owned by Sony Pictures, people already have the view that this website will offer full-length movies that are a compelling watch.  


This website offers an incessant flow of free movies online from Screen Media Ventures and has over 1500 movies covering every genre. There is no account needed for enjoying movies on this website and one simply has to hit the play button on one’s favorite movie. They also feature web and film school originals. All movies of this website are played in a large video player for that awesome movie experience that one feels in a theatre. One can make GIFs from the movie scenes, write comments on specific parts of the movies and also has come with movie streaming sites meant only for children.


The movies of this website can be sorted according to popularity, staff picks and many such more features. As this website has its partnership with BBC, HBO, STARZ it is quite expected that they have an innumerable stock of some great movie collection. One can even go for streaming one’s favorite TV show on this website.


This website makes it convenient to watch free movies on various sites. One can filter the movies according to categories of genre and MPAA rating. The movies are of DVD quality and not every film comes for a free watch. The videos include several advertisements that get little perturbing during the smooth running of a movie.


YouTube offers movies for free and on rent. The movies are rated by viewers which make it easy for another viewer to select its streaming based on these ratings. But it is quite hard to find every movie on YouTube and most of the movies are not in HD quality. But this website to offers movies based on different genres and more importantly these movies come for a free cost.


Sony Crackle has around 150 free full-length movies that can be watched at one’s convenience. There are movies of all genres that one can either arrange alphabetically or by adding it to the ‘Recently Viewed’ option. Sony Crackle also has a TV show section that shows episodes of your favorite TV shows. This website comes with a mobile app enabling its users to watch its shows at one’s convenience. The app is very simple to use and organized methodically to avoid any kind of hassle in searching for the favorite ones. Every detail of a video such as its cast and description along with the ratings received gets displayed when one chooses a particular video to be played. Videos can also be shared over social networks along with SMS and email options as the CC/SUB settings available on the desktop are found in the mobile app too.

The website works with PS4, PS3, PlayStation TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Amazon Fire TV, Sony Blu Ray Players, Apple TV, and other such TV brands. There are many advertisements showing up at the start or in between the TV shows and movies. But the main advantage is, one can still avoid these ads by placing the mouse into the video player and then fast forward the track. The playing track has small grey advertisements and this mark will help you to distinguish between the points where the ad is placed and from where the movie or TV show resumes. Though some advertisements are too long making them count as something beyond one’s expectations, this facility of fast-tracking the play track will help to avoid these ads.

The video quality of the shows and movies are decent but not as great as on the website TUBI. It has an element of low quality in its screen display but this drawback has been met up by providing with no delays in buffering of its videos. There are no delays of playing the video during a midway buffering and this further enriches the experience of watching movies. If the buffering speed is long, blame not only Crackle for it but get a check of your bandwidth and computer speed. The closed captioning settings of this website come as a very handy thing that allows its customization too. The videos come with an option of playing them in full-screen mode to give a theatre like an experience even when at home.

Sony Crackle also has the benefit in its registering and one does not need a registered account for enjoying every movie and TV shows. A single account works for this which will also store your ‘Watch Later’ videos. You can rate the movies with thumbs up or down option. The best fact is Sony Crackle is legal and one can enjoy its unlimited stock of movies and TV shows on one’s whims and fancies. This website ensures a continuous flow of new movies and programs to keep it afresh in its content.