Download Sample Social Media Campaign Proposal Pdf

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Content Is King, Queen And Court Too

Download Sample Social Media Campaign Proposal Pdf

In the world of Digital Marketing, it’s all about one’s visibility. If you are not featuring in the top 10 searches of someone’s search results, then you have a problem. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your domain name website begins and ends with good content. Well-written content has three primary advantages:

Attracts the attention of the reader.

Increases your position in the traffic.

Increases the chances of valuable links from other sites.

Obviously, with regards to the aforementioned, you would have some queries such as:

How would quality Content grab eyeballs?

Usually, most search engine optimization companies are so intently focused on keyword research and text placement that they do not concentrate on the actual substance in the content. No website, no matter how well-placed in search engine rankings, can hold the reader’s attention if it displays unsightly content. No reader would want to continue on a website if the content is unattractive. Therefore, it is vital to visit copywriting classes and workshops to hone one’s skills in putting up good content.

Where does Content come in with regard to Rankings?

Quality Content is instrumental towards improving your ranking in the search engine slots. Basically, the functioning behind a Search Engine is like this: it is programmed to crawl each site in a manner similar to a human. Information is presented as less or more important in the way a human would consider it. So basically, you could have the best keywords and tags for your copy, but ultimately the search engine would choose the website which would best match up to the person’s requirements.

How can I acquire good links to my website? How does that help?

The third aforementioned point denotes the fact that search engines always select websites which have good quality links attached to them. The Search Engine would automatically give a preferential ranking to a website with many authoritative pages linked to it. But how is this related to good content? Basically, with the onset of social media sites such as Digg, Reddit, etc, quality content has become a highly influential factor on the quality and quantity of inbound links. Your readers are your strongest weapons here; they have the authority to send your copy to such sites and post links which are available for all to see.

Frequency is one’s ticket to a good placement

Another point to be noted about content is that in addition to its quality, the content should be updated as much as possible. This is because Search Engines usually look for high-frequency content with an extensive update history. Most well-placed sites know how to grasp reader’s attention by giving additions to a certain story from time to time, which keeps the suspense alive and has the readers constantly piqued for further enticement.

Know thy readers

The usual keyword-stuffing is no longer enough to grab eyeballs. Sooner or later the reader will realize that the site has no real value and will desist from returning. A site’s quality, quantity and frequency decide its slot in the Search Engine rankings. However, good keyword research is strongly recommended to know words and phrases the reader will use to search on the web. If your keywords match with those of the reader’s and your content is up-to-the notch, then its game, set and match for your website.