How to Migrate to Cloud Hosting Without Losing SEO

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Switching the web host can be an overwhelming experience. Right from assessing your requirements, to finding the right hosting type and plan, the entire process needs to be handled carefully so that your website’s SEO is not affected. Hence, you need to ensure that you migrate your website with no loss to the SEO. Today, we will look at some tips to help you migrate your website to Cloud Hosting with no SEO-loss.

Migrate for the right reasons

Over the last few years, Cloud Hosting has evolved to become a preferred hosting choice for many websites. However, you must make certain that you migrate to Cloud Hosting for the right reasons. Remember, hosting can affect the SEO of your website – ensure that the web host is switched after considering all aspects.

Choose the right web host

So, you have considered two points mentioned above and made up your mind about switching to Cloud Hosting. The next thing to do is find a good Cloud Hosting provider. Look for the following features:

  • Free migration support
  • 9%+ uptime assurance
  • CDN and caching servers (like Varnish Cache) for faster loading web pages
  • Data mirroring and automatic failsafe

Don’t forget Backups

When you are migrating your website, you must be prepared for the worst. And a backup of your website goes a long way in ensuring that you can restore your website in case anything goes wrong during migration.

Work on a creating a strategic migration plan

With backups done, create a strategic migration plan for your website which includes all your data. You might want to start by moving the least-critical applications and/or data and get a grip on the process before you start moving more critical data. Before you start migrating ensure that your data/applications sync up with the cloud. Talk to your staff and prepare them for the move.

Post-migration, perform checks to see if all the data has been successfully moved and the site is working fine.

Update the DNS

Domain Name Server is a way to map the domain name to the IP address of the server of the site. When you change your web host, your server’s IP changes too. Therefore, you must update the DNS to ensure that the name directs to the new server. You can talk to your new hosting provider about the same. Also, many site owners keep the old server operational for a few days so that the transition does not impact SEO.

Summing Up

The tips mentioned above can help you migrate your website to Cloud Hosting without losing SEO. Try to plan the entire process in advance so that your website does not suffer due to the migration. Also, keep a plan in place for possible downtimes. Good Luck!

Are there any tips that you would want to share with others? If yes, then feel free to mention them in the comments below.