Familiarize the Basics of Web Development Using this New Discounted E-book

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Tech-savvy and on-the-go is the era we are honored to live in. Doing business today requires a high level of acquaintance to your website and pretty much everything that is tech-related and will in one way or another affect your company. Cracking web development has never been easier thanks to the many useful tools, e.g., the Web Developer Bundle by Wiley. Past are the days when you had to enroll for a programming course to develop your site. All you need now is a laptop, a little dedication and a bunch of discounted e-books.

For the business owner looking to understand programming matters or anyone looking to pursue it as a side hustle, this package can help you get started. What’s more, you pay only what you can afford.

The bundle entails all the following subjects that are key to web development

Principles of Domain-Driven Design

Before you to indulge deeper into programming, you must familiarize with the domain-driven design. It is mostly the process of tackling an extensive project in parts instead of as a whole making it more manageable.

The Web Developer Bundle will carefully take you through “Introduction To the philosophy of DDD” with the aid of illustrations to better break down the concept for you.

A Guide to Winning Jobs (programming Interviews Exposed 3rd Edition)

This e-book can be the door-opener for your next job. It discusses secrets to hacking the programming job market in 376 pages of reader-friendly content to get you ready for snagging the best positions.

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers (3rd Edition)

This 960-page course is useful for the web app developer looking to hone their site-usability enhancing skills. You can learn all about JavaScript and its relationship to conventional OO languages.  What’s more, the e-book will hand out the necessary knowledge you need to fully identify with the language that makes up a large part of the internet.

The package gives you access to instruction on creating dynamic website pages, Ajax techniques, function expressions, and more.

Professional Java for Web Applications

Those looking to learn how to create sophisticated web applications in a commercial environment can start off with this e-book. You can study the principles of Java Enterprise Edition 7 as well as those of web application.  It also introduces you to new language features used in the Java 8, e.g., Lambda Expressions.

Professional Git

Git’s job is to allow you to switch through the different parts of a project effortlessly. It breaks down the whole cycle of software development enabling the user to complete tasks much faster and in an orderly manner.  This e-book guides you through the basics of Git and how to use it. It also warns of common mistakes made by new users.

Final remarks

The greatest advantage with the package is that you only pay for the units you wish to take, so you still have a chance to study whatever you want to, get skills and qualify for a web development merchant account even if you don’t have the cash to take the whole package.

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